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AHK-Cu Peptide For Sale

AHK-Cu Copper PeptideAHK-Cu Peptide For Sale is not hard to find however, you must take caution and be aware that there are many dishonest sellers on the market that let us say are far from honest! Let us first introduce you to AHK-Cu so you know at least a little of what it is and what it does.


What is the effect of copper peptide?

Since the blue copper peptide was discovered by scientists so early, why was it used as a “niche” product on the market? In fact, the biggest reason is that raw materials are expensive. And there is a reason why it is expensive, because it has a powerful recovery and maintains stability, many anti-aging effects.


Where to Find AHK-Cu Peptide For Sale

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(1) Anti-inflammatory recovery

Studies show that blue honey peptides have been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and wound healing effects. Pickart et al. and others. proved that GHK-Cu accelerates wound healing and shrinkage, improves the body’s ability to accept transplanted skin and can perform anti-inflammatory functions.


In the “SLS-EpiKutis” experiment with a skin barrier damage model, the experimental results show that 10% and 20% concentration of Xueguo extract (the main component is a blue honey peptide) has a certain anti-inflammatory and restorative effect.

Compared to the negative control, the expression of inflammatory factors IL-1α, IL-8 and the inflammatory mediator PGE2 were significantly reduced after the action of 10% and 20% concentration of Xueguo extract.

Compared to the negative control, the barrier proteins (filaggrin FLG, loricin LOR) have a certain increase after the action of 10% and 20% concentration of snow fruit extract.

Briefly, blue copper peptides can increase the expression of barrier proteins by reducing inflammatory factors and mediators in the body, thus achieving powerful anti-inflammatory and stable effects and restoring barriers.

(2)AHK-Cu Peptide For Sale for Anti-Aging

Studies have shown that blue copper peptides can significantly increase the expression of MMP1 and MMP2 genes at the lowest concentration and at the same time increase the expression of TIMP1 at all tested concentrations (increasing the ratio of TIMPs mRNA expression to MMPs and increasing Collagen / Elastin Related) may also increase collagen and elastin production. The GHK-Cu nanocarrier is applied to volunteers’ facial skin to significantly reduce the amount of wrinkles and significantly reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles.


More literature shows that comparing the functions of tretinoin, vitamin C and blue copper peptide in collagen synthesis, blue copper peptide is slightly better than tretinoin, which also proves that it can activate cell viability and has the ability to resist old features.

In general, the blue copper peptide stimulates the synthesis of high collagen and elastin, which has the effect of effectively aging, tightening the skin and reducing fine lines.