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Buy Bacteriostatic Water-Medlab Gear

What is Bacteriostatic Water?

The product bacteriostatic water and insulin syringes are two medical supplies that go hand in hand in the medical world. You have most likely seen the patient in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes and bags with clear liquid running through at the bedside. Or you may know of people who regularly need to inject glucose to manage blood sugar levels or manage dehydration with saline fluids. These are all examples of when this special sterile water — bacteriostatic water is needed. This is all because there is a need to dilute or dissolve most drugs so they can be injected into the body either as an intravenous or subcutaneous. Normal water can contain bacteria and rather than killing the bacterium, the preservative in sterile bacteriostatic water prevents the bacteria from forming.

How to Make Bacteriostatic Water

The medical institutes buy Bacteriostatic water for injections for all situations in health care and research. This is a special preparation using sterile water that contains the special preservative called 0.9% benzyl alcohol (BnOH0). This solution is designed to stop the growth of most forms of bacteria. The bacteriostatic water is filtered and sterile and has all traces of bacteria removed. The 0.9% benzyl alcohol that is added to sterile water prevents contamination from bacteria growing in the water. This means the state of the water has become static and the bacteria content is reasonably stable.

How Long Does Bacteriostatic Water Last?

Sterile water is a clear, colorless, pure, sterile and nonpyrogenic and has no bacteria or antimicrobial agents. The special blend of bacteriostatic water allows for the repeated use of a single 30 ml plastic vial. In fact, it can prolong life for up to 28 days. After this duration, it should be discarded. On the other hand, sterile water can also be used for the same job. However, it can only be used in a single-use vial and only once as there is no preservative in it! After one single dosage, it has to be discarded.

Bacteriostatic Water for HGH

Some other examples when the use of bacteriostatic water is required are when doctors prescribe HGH (human growth hormones). Somatropin is delicate HGH liquids and needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. They have to be reconstituted in a vial with bacteriostatic water to get the best effect. Growth hormones and peptides can also come in the dried lyophilized powders but need to be mixed with bacteriostatic water in a vial to use.

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