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A Guide to HGH Peptides

 HGH peptides are being researched to help numerous health problems associated with age. Here we cover some facts about HGH peptides and what the best HGH peptides are!

hgh peptidesAre HGH peptides safe?

HGH peptides are still being tested for research. But there is a lot in the news about growth hormone abuse in sports. It has been reported and speculated over and over again over the past three decades. With the use of growth hormone, athletes hope to gain performance, relying on the anabolic effects of the hormone. However, this is illegal and banned in competitions by WADA, (the World Anti-Doping Agency). Research HGH peptides are for study only, and not for human use.

What is Growth Hormone?

 In recent years, there has also been a reference to the danger that corresponding HGH products from the former Soviet Union are circulating on the black market. Attention is drawn to a possible risk of infection through contamination of the products.

Nowadays, technical production is guaranteed by genetic engineering using bacterial cells such as Escherichia Coli. Genetic production ensures the health safety of the products (no bacterial contamination) but also the economic supply of the hormone in large quantities.

How do HGH Peptides Work?

Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults

The causes of growth hormone deficiency are an expanding mass in the sella turcica that compresses somatotropic function, damage to the hypothalamic-pituitary neuroendocrine pathways, or local vascular compromise produced by surgery, radiation therapy, or head trauma.

Does HGH peptides dosage work?

The often nonspecific features of growth hormone deficiency in adults can be reversed or improved with sustained daily hormone replacement therapy.




Where to buy HGH Peptides?

If you are in the research industry make sure you buy from a reputable source. We can recommend Peptide Sciences for buying HGH  peptides!