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Peptides for Weightloss and Muscle Gain

Ipamorelin for fat lossAlmost everyone knows the situation: A look in the mirror reveals too much fat in one part of the body or another, which can make you feel unattractive and causing a lack of confidence. Plus, carrying too much fat can cause harm to the body in the long term. For many people this can be a disheartening situation and rather than make you determined to lose weight, it often works the other way and leads to more eating! If you thought one day there would be chemicals known as peptides for weightloss available – what would you think? You may have already come across articles on the internet promoting the best peptides to get ripped. But, this term applies to athletes and bodybuilders who already know that peptides have the ability to increase muscle and reduce fat. In this blog, we are discussing the best peptides for fat loss!

What are Peptides used For?

Peptides are man-made research chemicals that were designed to replica natural peptides found in the human body. Peptides are known as small proteins and are short links of amino acids. They can do a varying amount of things from increasing muscle mass, replacing collagen to burning fat. Research that has been done already has discovered they absorb easily into the body and act as supplements to enhance the body. Peptides have a range of healing properties including; healing joints and muscles, increasing muscle and strength to reducing fat and reducing wrinkles! While they can treat a whole host of problems we are concentrating on fat loss!

Best Peptide for Female Fat Loss

Transforming your body is not easy. It takes time and will power. Generally, doctors will recommend following a calorie-controlled diet and exercise plan. Sound easy, doesn’t it? But, most people who carry too much weight will know how hard it is to cut back on their favorite food and drink and get active! Simply being too heavy can make people lethargic and feel uncomfortable and this makes it difficult to get motivated to diet. Women can often feel worst than men. But, in today’s modern society it is a growing concern in men, women, and children! In addition, it also can seem a long way off imagining yourself at the end with a defined body that looks really fit and healthy. But, if you could reach the goal think how much better you would feel about yourself?

Peptide Weight Loss Program

Although peptides are classed as research chemicals and many have been designed to help treat certain diseases such as muscle wastage and osteoporosis there is a lot of other data from trials that have shown some are capable of burning fat. Here we take a look at the top 6 peptides for weightloss:

  1. CJC1295 is a man-made peptide that boosts the plasma growth hormone levels in the body. The peptide is usually administered by injection and is effective on the growth hormone in the body and encourages fat loss.
  2. Ipamorelin is a research peptide that copies the body’s natural GH (growth hormone) release. It is one of the most effective peptides for burning fat. Ipamorelin fat loss results happen fast as it works by increasing the metabolism and therefore boosts weightloss.
  3. Tesamorelin is a peptide that is in the group of (GRF) human growth hormone-releasing factor analogs. This process can increase the natural hormone production and help reduce excess fat around the stomach and liver or visceral fat. Tesamorelin or Egrifta is used as an injection peptide and is a treatment for HIV patients to reduce the buildup of abdominal fat.
  4. Hexarelin is a peptide which like the other instructs cells in the body to function correctly. Hexarelin is a man-made growth hormone secretagogue and is from the peptide GHRP-6. It has the ability to stimulate the increase in lean body mass.
  5. GHRP-2 is a growth hormone-releasing peptide that can release HGH from the pituitary gland. These actions encourage the promotion of a lean body in patients.
  6. GHRP-6 is a growth hormone-releasing peptide that can increase hormone levels in the body and also boost muscle strength. It can promote energy in the body and burn fat.

No Peptides for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain?

As you have discovered peptides have the capability to not only help with fat loss but also build muscle. But here we look at other options to lose weight and get a toned body.

Muscle build-up and fat loss are based on different processes in the body. If you want more muscles, you have to work with an excess of calories, i.e. you need to supply your body with more energy than it consumes. The additional energy is needed to adapt the muscles to the increased demands of the training. This causes the muscles (and the fat deposits) to grow.

However, if you want to lose weight, you have to create a negative energy balance with your diet. This is because if the body does not get enough calories for its needs from food, it must cover it with the energy stored in the fat cells. The result means over time and also the muscles disappear. How do you still achieve a defined, muscular body?

Lose weight and build muscle

The solution to this problem is to split the path into two phases; first, lose weight and then build muscle or the other way around. You should allow enough time for each of the two phases because building new muscles and breaking down adipose tissue is not a fast process. This is a reason many athletes use peptides for weightloss and muscle gain in the gym. Now we are not advising this but simply stating a fact. We are recommending alternative solutions to peptides for now.

How long does it take to build muscle and lose fat loss?

You should plan around half a year to build new muscle mass in a visible amount. If you are not a beginner when it comes to strength training, you can expect a maximum of 500 grams of new muscle mass per month. It takes another six months to lose more than a few kilos of fat with a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day, you could lose between one and two kilos of fat per month, this makes six to twelve kilos in six months.

This means if you are going on a beach vacation on July 1st and want to come up with a real beach body, you should start working on it exactly one year in advance. If your overweight problem is moderate, you should devote yourself to building muscle within the first six months and then moving on to fat loss at the beginning of the new year.

However, if you are considerably overweight, you should start with fat loss, because during the muscle building phase, there is still some fat added. So you may not be able to get the fat loss in the second phase. So first lower your body fat percentage until you are satisfied with it. Then you can turn to muscle building for the rest of the time.

What is the correct order for losing weight?

Both of the above are of course only suggestions – there is no one right way. You can also do a zigzag tactic and alternate muscle building and diet phases in a shorter rhythm. The main thing is that you are aware that every muscle gain brings more or less extra fat and every fat loss costs more or less muscle mass. The trick is to find a calorie and macronutrient supply for you in both cases that bring in as little additional fat as possible and burns as little muscle as possible. Otherwise, the whole thing quickly becomes a zero-sum game, muscle and fat build-up followed by fat and muscle breakdown.

What is the correct order for losing weight?

We have looked at two methods of losing weight with peptides and without. But, we would like to state that even experts who have tested patients using peptides for fat loss, is no miracle treatment. They are often shown better results when used alongside a controlled diet and exercise regime. There is also the fact that peptide side effects can be a problem. Though many are not serious some side effects can include; dry mouth, increased hunger, irritation from an injection, high blood pressure, joint pain, and tingling and water retention. Most of these problems pass with use.

Summary of Peptides for Weightloss

Peptides are research chemicals and still being studied. These interesting chemicals offer a whole range of cures for many conditions. Peptides all generally work as messengers that instruct the pituitary to release growth hormones for various reasons. Some of them are already used in treatments for anti-aging, cancer, muscle wastage, osteoporosis, healing injuries, and weight loss. They are not for human consumption and banned by WADA in all sporting competitions (World Anti-Doping Agency). But, with experts still working with peptides they might help control many conditions and diseases in the future!