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Semaglutide Online For Diabetes Research

Semaglutide Online for saleOral semaglutide online (Rybelsus ® ), the first oral GLP-1 analogue for the early comprehensive management of type 2 diabetes, arrives in Spain. The new drug is taken once a day, which allows the route of administration to be adapted to the needs and patient preferences, an aspect that obviously favors adherence to treatment and thus control of the disease .


It is also thought that oral semaglutide online “should be nephroprotective like any drug that is effective in treating hyperglycemia” and that it helps “lower blood pressure,” argues Dr. Esteban Jódar, head of the department of Endocrinology and Nutrition of hospitals Quirón Salud Pozuelo, Ruber Juan Bravo and San José (Madrid).

“What the molecule is, we do have efficacy and safety data in patients with kidney failure”, in which, in addition, this drug is configured as “a particularly attractive alternative since it is free of hypoglycemia“, explains Jódar. In fact, reducing glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) “will lead to a lower risk of the onset and progression of kidney disease, just like any other complication,” says Dr. Jódar, who adds that there is evidence that with semaglutide decreases “the progression of proteinuric kidney disease”.

Semaglutide Online For Oral Dosing and Therapy


The new oral therapy also has side effects that are typical of incretin drugs, events that in diabetics affect a minority of individuals and that are of a gastrointestinal nature, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. However, “the percentage of subjects who end up requiring the suppression of the drug is low”, establishes the expert. Be that as it may, what is done is to give gradually increasing doses so that tolerability and tolerance improve. In this sense, Dr. Sara Artola, Primary Care physician at the José Marvá Health Center in Madrid, explains that treatment with Rybelsus can be scaled from 3 milligrams a day to 7 milligrams after 4 weeks, and if good tolerance is observed, “ it reaches up to 14 milligrams in a single oral dose, always on an empty stomach,

Clinically relevant weight loss with Semaglutide Online

It is estimated that diabetes affects more than 6 million people in Spain, most of them with type 2 diabetes and other serious associated pathologies such as obesity or cardiovascular disease. For this reason, early and multifactorial treatment of hyperglycemia and cardiovascular risk is especially important, since in this way it is attempted, on the one hand, to delay the appearance of chronic complications, and on the other hand, to improve the quality of life of diabetics 2 . To facilitate the process, Novo Nordisklaunches Rybelsus (oral semaglutide online), a therapeutic innovation that combines, in a tablet, the efficacy and safety of an arGLP-1, having proven to be an effective treatment both in reducing glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and weight, and presenting a low risk of hypoglycemia 3 .

What is Glycemic Control?

Indicated for the treatment of diabetic adults who have not been adequately controlled to improve glycemic control, and as an adjunct to diet and exercise 3, oral semaglutide “would also be an excellent option for people with diabetes, whether treated with metformin or any other oral drug, who need weight loss” or a decrease in “the risk of suffering a cardiovascular event”, specifies the Dr. Jodar. In the words of Rodrigo Gribble, General Director of Novo Nordisk in Spain, “Oral semaglutide online can be established as a new reference in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Its solid clinical profile provides a much-needed therapeutic option for people seeking a new solution. and effective in controlling your disease. This drug is called to have a great impact on the lives of Spaniards with type 2 diabetes, and we hope it will be so”.

Semaglutide Online clinical trials

In the PIONEER program of clinical trials, which included 9,543 adults with type 2 diabetes, participants treated with oral semaglutide had significantly greater blood sugar reduction and clinically relevant weight loss compared with sitagliptin, empagliflozin, and liraglutide 4 .5 . And it is that, with this therapeutic alternative, management focused on the control of HbA1c evolves to an early comprehensive control of type 2 diabetes with a focus on weight management 6 . In addition, taking the new drug can benefit those “patients who have insufficient control and who are already treated with metformin and DPP-4 inhibitors. Therefore, oral semaglutide could replace the DPP-4 inhibitor and provide an additional benefit7 ”, specifies Jódar.

Type 2 diabetes or DM2 can be caused by multiple factors
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Dissemination: Novo Nordisk / Cícero Communication

What is oral semaglutide?

So “oral semaglutide, in addition to being a new and unique arGLP-1 option to treat diabetes without injections, could represent a new standard for the treatment of type 2 diabetes 3 “, says Dr. Francisco Pajuelo, medical director of Novo Nordisk Spain. “Many people with type 2 diabetes do not achieve blood sugar targets accompanied by weight loss with low risk of hypoglycemia, which highlights the need for new, more effective solutions to improve diabetes control. And this is our commitment: to improve the health and quality of life of the people who live with it”, he highlights.

Blindness, cardiovascular diseases…
Diabetes can cause problems such as blindness, kidney disease or cardiovascular diseases. With this in mind, starting an appropriate therapeutic approach as soon as possible allows the natural course of the condition to be changed and serious complications to be avoided. “Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that can go unnoticed for years. Therefore, an early diagnosis and good control in the first years will produce a beneficial metabolic memory to delay the onset of complications and reduce morbidity and mortality”, says Dr. Artola.

Importance of not postponing the intensification of treatment

Both Dr. Jódar and Dr. Artola agree on the importance of not postponing the intensification of treatment for later, once diabetes has been diagnosed. In this sense, Artola comments that “having a therapeutic option such as oral semaglutide makes it possible to intensify treatment from diagnosis in patients with type 2 diabetes who also have obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia or cardiovascular or renal complications. This improves the prognosis and progression of these processes”.

According to the specialist, “up to 23% of people with diabetes have established cardiovascular disease, almost another 30% have some degree of chronic kidney disease, up to 9% have heart failure, and 45% have diabetes and obesity” . With these figures, Jódar maintains, “we hope that this new drug, the only one for oral administration in its therapeutic class, 3 will help us treat more patients in earlier stages to achieve this triple benefit (lower HbA1c and weight, and greater safety cardiovascular)”.

Added to this is the fact that, as Dr. Artola points out, “the aging of the population and the escalation of obesity” are factors that “are causing the number of people with type 2 diabetes to increase exponentially. Then we have a lot of work and These innovations help us tremendously.”

Source: Zoom / Novo Nordisk / Cícero Comunicación

The importance of seeking treatment alternatives adapted to the life of each one
In general, both experts say that patients tend to prefer oral treatments over injectables. “However, until now, the oral drugs available to treat type 2 diabetes were not as potent as some of the injectable drugs. And this is the need that helps us to cover oral semaglutide, also a first-rate technical advance by formulating semaglutide with SNAC, an absorption enhancer that allows a peptide to be administered orally”, explains the endocrinologist at the Quirón Salud Pozuelo hospitals. , Ruber Juan Bravo and San Jose. In this regard, Artola notes that it is always easier to take an oral medication than any injected medication: “the fact of having to give yourself an injection requires learning or errors may occur in the technique, although much progress has also been made in management devices. Oral semaglutide, taken thirty minutes before breakfast, always with water and separated from any other medication, helps to better control diabetes thanks to the benefits of this therapeutic group”.

What the doctors say

In short, both doctors affirm that it is important to look for treatment alternatives adapted to the life of each patient, so that effective diabetes control is achieved that improves their quality of life. In this line, they assure that “the therapeutic arsenal to treat diabetes has grown remarkably and, especially for people with type 2 diabetes, we have very good options. Knowing that there are drugs like oral semaglutide, unique in its class, gives us the possibility of benefiting many more patients than we were benefiting until now”.

Rybelsus (oral semaglutide) is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analog and is the world’s first and only GLP-1 in tablet form. It is administered once a day and is approved for use in three therapeutic doses, 3, 7 and 14 milligrams in the European Union 3 .