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Thymalin Uses

Thymalin UsesThymalin uses is an informative guide that lists the studies found so far with this research chemical. As we know research chemicals are essential for finding new cures for diseases in the future. This post is a description of how Thymalin dosage works in clinical trials. Read on for more…

What are Thymic Peptides?

A large group of immunoregulatory peptides – includes subgroups: thymic peptides, bone marrow, spleen, and others. These are the prototypes of which are natural bioregulators produced by organs or individual tissues, transmitting information, and controlling a variety of biochemical reactions. Such substances have a peptide-protein nature and are called cytomedins. These are able to regulate the cell population from which they are isolated. Plus they are isolated from the tissue of the brain, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, and lymph nodes.

Thymalin Mechanism of Action

Thymic immunoregulatory peptides are represented by Taktivin, Thymosin, Timalin, Timactide, Thiostimulin. All preparations contain thymosin-alpha and are largely similar to each other in action. The thymus is a unique organ of the neuroendocrine and immune systems capable of producing hormones:

  • Thymopoietin that blocks neuromuscular transmission, and affects the precursors of T-lymphocytes
  • The thymic humoral factor activates T-cells, thymic factor X and restores the number of T-lymphocytes
  • Thymulin alters the stages of differentiation of T-lymphocytes and T-killers
  • Thymosin-alpha 1 affects the early stages of T-cells and T-helpers
  • Peptide Thymosin-alpha 3 (ACTH-like action)
  • The Thymosin-alpha 7 affects the differentiation of T-suppressors and late stages of T-lymphocytes
  • Thymosin-beta 4 early stages of differentiation of T-lymphocytes etc

Under the influence of these hormones, maturation occurs in the thymus and outside of its thymus-dependent lymphocytes, which are responsible for cellular-type immune reactions. Hormones indirectly affect the activity and maturation of macrophages and natural killer cells, stimulate antibody production.

Thymalin Cancer

Thymus preparations have been known since the 70s of the last century and have been widely used by foreign oncologists for 30 years for special treatment. Initially, extracts from animal organs were isolated to compensate for 50-70% of thymic insufficiency in the elderly with the ultimate goal of rejuvenating the body.

Research into Thymalin Uses

Thymosin is the first of the thymus peptides. Isolated from the thymus of a calf in the laboratory of the University Of Texas School Of Medicine in 1965 by A.L. Goldstein 28 polypeptide components are called thymosin. In an experiment on animals, it was proved that the drug is able to restore immunoreactivity. Later it was found that only part of the molecule, called thymopentine, is active.

Thymosin stimulates and modulates various functions of T-suppressors and natural killer cells, stimulates the formation of a number of lymphokines, and promotes the maturation of lymphocytes. There is evidence that thymosin is involved in the interaction of the immune and hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal systems. Thymosin increases the secretion of gonadotropins, and when steroids act on the thymus, the production of its own thymosins decreases.

Thymalin usesThymalin Injection

Currently, an analogue of thymogen-alpha1 zadaxin, is identical to the peptide of the human thymus. It has been synthesized and used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis, and also as an adjuvant (enhancement of the immune response) in the influenza vaccination. Thymosin-beta 4 was isolated from the heart of the embryo. This meant in mice it not only helps to reduce the scar in myocardial infarction but also reduces the size of the left ventricle during its dilatation.

Summary: Thymalin Uses

Thymalin is classed as a research peptide and still being investigated. All products on this site are for In-Vitro Research, Development uses only. Products are Not for Human consumption of any kind. If you are an expert in this field and want to buy Thymalin check out the online All American Peptide store now!